Stephen Falk on the bumpy road that led to critically adored ‘You’re the Worst’

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The FXX series ‘You’re the Worst’ begins with a meet-cute for its protagonists that actually is kind of ugly-cute. Music publicist Gretchen and one-hit-wonder novelist Jimmy, played by Aya Cash and Chris Geere, meet at the marriage of Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend, from whom Gretchen has just stolen a wedding gift.

It’s not will they or won’t they--they will and they do, in the pilot. The question--five seasons later--is will these commitment-averse misanthropes go through with the wedding they’ve spent the final season planning.

Stephen Falk is the creator of ‘You’re the Worst,’ which got its start on FX before moving to sister network FXX in season two. While the series has never been a ratings hit, it’s developed a cult following among critics and fans who have fallen hard for Jimmy and Gretchen and their friends.

One of those Worsties--as the show’s fans are known--is The Hollywood Reporter’s West Coast TV editor Lesley Goldberg. She recently sat down with Falk to talk about the bumpy road that led to the making of ‘You’re the Worst,’ which just wrapped its fifth and final season.

They discuss about how Falk went from writing TV recaps to actual TV, and Falk offers up a dramatic reading of part of the essay he wrote after NBC abruptly canceled his series ‘Next Caller.’

He also weighs in on how Disney’s acquisition of Fox could change television and the battle between the Writers Guild and the agencies.




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