Dropped by talent agencies: Armie Hammer, Gina Carano, Marilyn Manson, Morgan Wallen

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In a recent spate of actors and singers getting in trouble for past or current behavior, talent agencies are figuring out how to deal. 

 The agency WME dropped Armie Hammer after revelations of alleged direct messages suggesting he engaged in nonconsensual sex acts. The agency also dropped country music star Morgan Wallen after he was caught on tape using a racial slur. 

WME has a committee made up of equal numbers of men and women who evaluate situations on a case by case basis when figuring out whether or not to drop a client. 

In some cases, the agencies are dropping clients entirely, and in others, like with Shia LaBeouf at CAA, the relationship is being put on hold. LaBeouf has stepped away from the industry while seeking treatment for substance abuse. CAA did drop Marilyn Manson after Evan Rachel Wood came forward with allegations of sexual assault from when she was in a relationship with the singer. 

UTA ended its relationship with “The Mandalorian” actress Gina Carano after she made offensive posts on social media comparing the plight of current Republicans to that of Jews in Nazi Germany. Lucasfilm also fired Carano. 

New allegations also emerged this week against Joss Whedon, with actress Charisma Carpenter citing cruel and manipulative behavior on the set of his show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” There have been long-simmering accusations about Whedon. Actor Ray Fisher said the writer-director was abusive and unprofessional on the set of “The Justice League.” WarnerMedia conducted an investigation into allegations against Whedon, but it’s unclear what became of the effort. For now, he remains a client of CAA. 




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