Watching 'Black Panther' in ScreenX & Revisiting Ryan Coogler

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If you’re a fan of ‘Black Panther’ and have strong feelings about how to watch the movie--you have options. You can see it in 3D, you can see it in Imax, and at three theaters in the U.S., you can see it in a panoramic format called ScreenX. We check in with some moviegoers who caught ‘Black Panther’ in 270 degrees, and we’ll hear from Paul Kim, the man who’s hoping ScreenX catches on in America the way it already has in Asia. Plus, we revisit part of our 2015 interview with ‘Black Panther’ director Ryan Coogler, who at that time had recently made his second movie, ‘Creed.’ We talked about rumors that there might be a Marvel movie in his future. And on the news banter, at long last, Oscars!



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