'Weiner' Filmmakers; Matt Walsh & Timothy Simons on 'Veep'

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Filmmaker Josh Kriegman was once chief of staff for Anthony Weiner, whose congressional career was derailed by a sexting scandal. A few years later Kriegman had become a documentarian, filming Weiner's attempt to resurrect himself by running for mayor of New York City. It seemed like a great comeback story, until suddenly it wasn't. Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg, directors of the award-winning documentary Weiner, tell us why they stayed the course and kept filming, even once Weiner had no chance of winning. Then, two cast members from Veep, HBO's Emmy-winning comedy, tell us about working in a new location and with a new showrunner for their fifth season. Matt Walsh and Timothy Simons also share what it takes to write the perfect Veep-worthy insult.

Photo: Anthony Weiner in the documentary Weiner (IFC)



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