The Hollywood News Banter

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Kim Masters and John Horn banter about some of this week's top Hollywood news stories.

- The second annual NewFronts saw digital platforms like Yahoo, AOL and Hulu trot out new video entertainment for advertisers over a week-long event in New York. Reportedly $1 billion worth of ad spending could take place in that digital space. Many known names from the big and small screen took part. Could this impact the broadcast upfronts a couple weeks from now?

- Iron Man 3 sets a box office record opening in China. The version of the film released in China differ from the rest of the world and could indicate a way for Hollywood to tailor its movies for the Chinese audience.

- China's tax on Hollywood films. When China expanded the number of non-Chinese films that get distribution over there they added a tax on the Hollywood studio's piece of the box office. Now, Fox is seeing that the tax could cost the studio $2 million worth of revenue on Life of Pi which played well in China. Could the World Trade Organization get involved in reaching some resolution?



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