The Spin-off

The Spin-off

Hosted by TV journalists Michael Schneider and Joe Adalian, KCRW's The Spin-off is the podcast that takes you inside the television industry. Twice a month we feature in-depth conversations with people who are changing what and how we watch. You'll hear from showrunners, writers, actors, executives and other TV journalists tackling the latest news and evolutions in television.

We're wrapping up four fabulous years of podcasting, but not before one final episode. The Spin-off crew reflects on the upfronts, Cannes vs Netflix, and the future of television.

WEB BONUS: Just in time for the Season 7 finale, we bring you a conversation about The Walking Dead, recorded at the annual gathering of the National Association of Television Program…

People in the industry always joke about Netflix taking over. With Netflix adding more and more kinds of shows, plus movies, have those jokes officially turned to real fear?

For the third week in a row, Stephen Colbert has bested Jimmy Fallon in the ratings. The current president is no doubt part of the reason.

Long-time TV reporters are finding their beats now apply to politics as the new POTUS continues to be obsessed with ratings.

Actors and long-time friends Brian Tyree Henry and Sterling K.

In our final episode of 2016, The Spin-off crew reflects on the year that was in television, and discusses the decision of ABC, NBC and CBS to skip out on the executive panels in the…

In this bonus edition of The Spin-off, we share a panel discussion from the Paley Center, celebrating CBS' number one spot in daytime television for 30 years.