Christopher Monger and Garry Shandling

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If you've watched  The Larry Sander's Show, you've seen the words "Special Thanks to Roy London." It's also name of a documentary on the acting coach. Its director, Christopher Monger (Voice Over, The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain, Seeing Red), and Garry Shandling discuss London and his legacy.

Monger and Shandling talk to Elvis about the making of the film, which began in 2003; the participation of the actors that had studied under Roy, such as Sharon Stone, Forest Whitaker and Brad Pitt; and how they remembered Roy, who passed away in 1993, particularly the way in which Roy gave actors permission 'to be.'

Photo of Roy London: Tim Healey

Photo of Garry Shandling: Alan Light




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