Dax Shepard: Hit and Run

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Growing up in Detroit, it was customary to be exposed to, as Elvis puts it, "a certain kind of exploitation picture based on horsepower." In his new film, Hit and Run, actor Dax Shepard, who grew up in a Detroit suburb, pays tribute to those beloved car chase movies of the 70's, including Smokey and the Bandit, using his very own souped up 1967 Lincoln Continental. His real life girlfriend, Kristen Bell, is also in the film, and Shepard claims their relationship problems on screen were based on their actual relationship. Drawing so closely from his own personal experience is something that Shepard has gotten better at with time, citing his work with Parenthood creator Jason Katims as a main source of inspiration. A former addict, Shepard is frank about his fascination with the 'fallibility of humans,' and his own evolution in spite of his troubled past. He shares why he looks up to Nicholas Cage, how Tom Arnold saved his life, plus, a dead-on Owen Wilson impersonation.



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