Graham Yost: Justified

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Elvis Mitchell talks to writer Graham Yost, creator of Justified on FX, who joins us after a long hiatus from The Treatment. His last visit was in 2003 to talk about his NBC drama, Boomtown. It's an understatement to say that since then Yost has been rather busy. After creating the 2007 series Raines for NBC and collaborating on the script for an episode of HBO's The Pacific, Yost set to work on his next project: adapting the works of writer Elmore Leonard for television. A longtime fan of the Detroit-based scribe, Yost began developing a series based on Leonard's short story, "Fire in the Hole," and the novel Pronto. Now three seasons in, Justified has emerged as a bona fide hit for FX, even earning an Emmy for best supporting actress Margo Martindale.



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