Actor and director Clea DuVall on seeing her own story in her latest project

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Clea DuVall. Photo credit: Art Streiber

Clea DuVall’s roles as an actor have shown her deep range from teen films like “But, I’m a Cheerleader,” dry comedy in HBO’s “Veep,” and drama in “A Handmaid’s Tale.” Her latest project is as director and co-showrunner of the Freevee series “High School.” The series is based on the memoir by the indie pop duo and real-life twins Tegan and Sara. DuVall tells The Treatment getting real twins to play the leads was essential for the series. She says she wanted the series to go beyond the usual tropes of teen dramas. And she says it was the first material she read in which she immediately saw herself and her own experience.



Rebecca Mooney