Actor Jon Hamm on wanting a story with a real ending

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Jon Hamm. Photo credit: Cheryl Mann

Emmy winning actor Jon Hamm hasn’t slowed down much since the AMC series “Mad Men” went off the air in 2015. Most recently, he appeared in the action blockbuster of the summer “Top Gun: Maverick,” and he’s currently starring in the mystery caper “Confess, Fletch,” directed by Greg Mottola and based on the series by Gregory McDonald. Hamm tells The Treatment he couldn’t get enough of the “Fletch” books as a kid in the ‘70s. He says it was important that his Fletch was not an impersonation of Chevy Chase, who played the character in two movies in the ‘80s. And Hamm says he thinks, at this moment in time, audiences want stories with real, satisfying endings where bad characters actually get their comeuppance.



Rebecca Mooney