Matthew Vaughn

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poster.jpgMatthew Vaughn worked as Guy Ritchie's producer before turning to directing. His three movies as filmmaker -- Layer Cake, Stardust and his newest , Kick-Ass --  are all adaptations. It's two-fisted inspiration from the printed page.

Vaughn discusses his belief in destiny, his love of fairy tales and the movies. He also delves into the importance of character development and the issue of violence in his films, his unplanned transition into directing and the difficulty in finding someone in the Hollywood filmmaking community to finance Kick-Ass. A lover of music, Vaughn used four composers on his film, as well as tracks  by Morricone, Gnarls Barkley and The Banana Splits (as covered by The Dickies) which led him to describe Kick- Ass  as "bubblegum punk."

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