Steve Stoliar: Raised Eyebrows

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book.jpgIf you are a lover of Groucho Marx, you owe Steve Stoliar a debt of gratitude. As a college student at UCLA in 1974, Stoliar spear-headed a petition to Universal Studios that ultimately resulted in the famous re-release of Animal Crackers, now considered to be a cornerstone in the Marx Brothers' repertoire. At the age of 19, Stoliar, a die-hard Groucho fanatic, received the opportunity of a lifetime: to work in Groucho's home as his personal secretary. Years later, he documented his experience in the memoir, Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho's House," which was recently re-published to commemorate its 15th anniversary. Steve Stoliar shares memories, lessons, and his dead-on Groucho Marx impression.