24-Hour Radio Race 2013

*Think you missed the fun? You didn't. The 5th Annual 24 Hour Radio Race is August 19th! Get on it.

We present the winners of KCRW's first annual 24-Hour Radio Race.

Just a couple of weeks ago, producers from all around the world took part in a frenzied 24 hours of high-stakes radio making.

KCRW created the 24-Hour Radio Race to experiment with the creative process. It was a frenzied day (and night) of high-stakes radio making. What happens when a producer is given nothing but a theme and a ridiculously short time-frame? It sounds insane, right? Well, the results were nothing short of amazing.

Hear about the middle-aged shoplifter profiled in Five Finger Discount, the unexpected feeling of gratitude that can come from a bout of cancer in State of Overwhelm, and the realities of living with Tourette's syndrome as a young boy in Tic Talk.

Be sure to check out the more than 100 entries into this year's Radio Race.

You can also view the 10 finalists.

This episode of UnFictional produced by Nick White. 



24-Hour Radio Race winner Cristina Parry and Spencer

The Winners:

Five Finger Discount produced by Erin Taylor, Max Owens and Olga Casablancas
State of Overwhelm produced by Eric Drachman and Albert Dayan
Tic Talk produced by Cristina Parry


Here are some photos sent in by some 24-hour radio racers"


Team "KHSU" working late into the night at their community station in Arcata, California


Team "Big Boom" burning the midnight oil in Washington DC

Travis Bubenik from KVNF in Paonia, Colorado, interviews one of his subjects
for his team piece, "Lore of the Lamb," which was one of the top ten finalists

Contestant Rasika Mathur shows off her van studio in Toluca Lake, California

Members of Team "Talcahuano" at Centro de Producciones Radiofonicas
in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maryiel Hartman from Los Angeles-based team "Sparkle Pony" takes
a little nap after filing her piece before the 10AM deadline