Friends and Basketball

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On this episode, a story from Scene on Radio, a podcast from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. 

There's a popular notion that sports can unite communities. Can the camaraderie of a team sport make race and class status "disappear" for the kids involved or their parents? Scene on Radio host and producer John Biewen hangs with a girls' high school basketball team, in suburban St. Louis to test the idea.

John Biewen is a longtime journalist and documentarian. He is audio program director at the Center for Documentary Studies, where, in addition to producing Scene on Radio, he teaches audio courses to undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students. With co-editor Alexa Dilworth, he edited the book, Reality Radio: Telling True Stories in Sound, now in its sixth printing.

Photo: Pattonville High School basketball players (L-R) Cassie Callahan, Allyson Sanders, and Tyra Brown watch the B-squad before a home game in Maryland Heights, Missouri. (John Biewen)



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