In the Family

In this episode, two personal stories from "Outfront," a 15 minute documentary series that ran on the CBC in Canada up until a few years ago.

In the FamilyThe first story is written by Cindy Harasen. Together with her two older children, Cindy invented a way to tell other children why her younger daughter Kaleigh is different from other kids; she comes from a different planet, 'Planet Kaleigh.' (Planet Kaleigh was recorded and written by Cindy Harasen.)

cbc.jpgIn the second half of the program, everyone has secrets. Once, many years ago, Jarrod Livingstone was officially dead for three minutes. His sister Carma wants to know what this experience was like. But no matter how many times she asks, Jarrod won't tell her. Why does she want to know so badly? She has her own secret.  (Produced by Laurence Stevenson and Carma Jolly.)

Note: This program originally aired on July 5, 2011.