Irv and Me

irv-groucho.jpgWhen freelance writer Hank Rosenfeld met veteran Hollywood comedy writer Irving Brecher, he knew he was in the presence of Hollywood history. Brecher was a member of MGM's legendary round table, he wrote for the Marx Brothers and many other greats. What Hank didn't know was that the two of them---a 90-something from Hollywood's golden age and a guy just trying to get a foot in the door---would find their fates inextricably bound for most of the next decade. But Hank was smart enough to bring a tape recorder. And leave it rolling.

irv-hank.jpgThis story was produced by Jon Kalish, with recordings made by Hank Rosenfield, who is the co-author of The Wicked Wit of the West: By Irving Brecher as told to Hank Rosenfeld.

Plus, screenwriter Jonathan Roberts has a suggestion for what to say when someone asks you how to write comedy, and he tells the story of his most embarrassing moment, featuring a major 20th century literary figure.

(This program originally aired on March 29, 2011.)



Bob Carlson, Jon Kalish