Eight Pounds of Pressure

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When Caitlin was a teenager, she was shown a video in physical education class. And that video contained a piece of advice so crazy that, years later, thinking back, she couldn't actually believe it was real. So she decided to find out.

Caitlin Biljan is a writer and artist living in Los Angeles. She is proud to be from the small town of Enumclaw, Washington, and works at UC Riverside. You can donate to their Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention (SAVE) Peer Education Program via her website.

Caitlin (C) in high school
Courtesy of Caitlin Biljan

Caitlin at the moment she realized she'd found the
same film strip she'd watched in high school

Courtesy of Caitlin Biljan

Veronica Eskridge, AKA Ronnie
Courtesy of Veronica Eskridge

Courtesy of Education Film Strips & Video in Huntsville, Texas

Veronica Eskridge, AKA Ronnie, in the 1970s
Courtesy Nomi Talmi



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Bob Carlson