The 24 Hour Radio Race 2015

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*Think you missed the fun? You didn't. The 5th Annual 24 Hour Radio Race is August 19th! Get on it.

A few weeks ago, KCRW hosted our third annual 24-Hour Radio Race. Over 200 teams from around the world competed. Their goal? To finish a radio story in less than 24 hours. The completed pieces were funny, strange, beautiful and moving. They all had to be under four minutes long and they all had to relate to our theme - TIME CHANGE.


There was so much activity on social media this year that we named two Social Butterflies. We play excerpts from both stories.

Nona Varnado documented her 3am donut run, and offered up other fun dispatches as she produced Tie Me to the Mast with Ben Michaelson.

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Photo courtesy of Nona Varnado

Additionally, Jake J Smith delivered consistent, entertaining updates via Twitter as he made his piece Part of the Problem. It's still worth searching #RadioRace on Twitter to see everyone's posts.


Fernando Hernandez Becerra, Alfredo Nunez and Valeria Sanchez for Ahorita, a story that turns a tiny phrase into a big idea.


Mike Williams and Timothy Nicastri for One Step at a Time, a touching story with great production and thoughtful editing. 

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Team 'Esto No Es Radio' in Mexico completing their piece
Courtesy of Esto No Es Radio

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Team 'Esto No Es Radio'  sends a selfie from Mexico


Bob Carlson's personal prize went to Ruslan Kulski for Reasons to Traumatize Your Child


Esther Honig, Matt Hodapp and Patrick Quick for The Time Traveler's Ark, a story that transcended its topic to address our theme in a fascinating way.

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The winners celebrate after taking home the gold
Courtesy of Esther Honig


A big thanks to our committee of judges: Andrew Leland, Anne Wootton, Ben Calhoun, Brendan Baker, Carolyn Kellogg, Colin Anderson, David Weinberg, Gary Scott, Helen Zaltzman, Jeff Emtman, Jennifer Brandel, Jennifer Ferro, Jim Colgan, John Barth, Lu Olkowski, Rebecca Feldhaus Adams, Sitara Nieves, Sonari Glinton and Suzie Lechtenberg.

Additional thanks to all of the staff at KCRW who judged and helped listen to pieces, plus volunteers Lauren Tyler and Christopher Ho for their help monitoring the race. The race was directed this year by Caitlin Shamberg and Nick White.

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Radio Racer Liz Mak takes a break 
Courtesy of Liz Mak

Thanks to our partners at PRX, AIR, Pop Up Archive and Soundcloud for providing additional prizes to our winners.



Bob Carlson


Bob Carlson, Nick White