The Couple in 303

Infamous Boston Irish mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger and his girlfriend, Catherine Greig, spent 15 years hiding out as retired couple "Charlie and Carol Gasko" on a quiet block in Santa Monica. The discovery of the Gaskos, in an apartment crammed with cash and guns, made headlines around the world and turned the block into a media circus. Writer Gideon Brower, who lived across the street from the Gaskos, talks to residents of their apartment building about the couple, the arrests, and why America's most notorious fugitives were actually pretty good neighbors.

The Couple in 303 was produced by Gideon Brower and Eric Drachman. It was edited by Jacob Conrad and mixed by Bob Carlson. Special thanks to Andrew Turman and Kristine McKenna

(This program originally aired on June 22, 2012. On Monday, August 12, 2013, Bulger was found guilty of 11 murders and multiple counts of extortion and money laundering. by a federal jury in Boston.)



Mugshots of James Bulger and Catherine Greig
US Marshals Service


Guns found inside Whitey Bulger's apartment

Press reporting outside of the apartment building where Whitey was found


Neighbor Catalina Schlank

Building manager Josh Bond


Neighbor John Weiskopf


Building manager Birgitta Farinelli

Banner image: The door to apartment 303, where Bulger and girlfriend Catherine Greig were found