The Unreal Made Real

First... Poet Ross Sutherland remembers the time he thought he discovered a secret of society of daredevils who took late night spins in nearby laundromat dryers. Sensing a great feature story, he goes in search of one of the members of this group. When the search turns up empty, he comes up with a plan to nudge the process forward and start the group himself.

Produced by Eleanor Mcdowall of Falling Tree Productions, for the BBC's Short Cuts series. You can podcast past episodes of this highly recommended series here.


The handwritten sign that launched a secret society


Courtesy of Ross Sutherland

Ross Sutherland at 19


Courtesy of Ross Sutherland


Then... David Blackshire Key had a form of brain cancer that caused him to suffer from an extreme sensitivity to light called "photophobia." Even after doctors removed the tumor, his painful sensitivity continued. So he turned to his faith, looking for healing from a supernatural force.

Produced by Bridge Burnquist for the strange and wonderful Here Be Monsters, an independent podcast produced by Jeff Emtman. They've just begun their third season of stories "about the unknown."


David Blackshire Key


Courtesy of Jeff Emtman


Banner Image: Visitor7