A Dreamy New Single from Cosmic Kids

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In conversation with Ron Cosmic of Cosmic Kids I got a brief rundown on the genesis of their latest, hypnogogic single, “Freight to My Soul.”

A little over a month ago, the Kids had been listening to KLF’s White Room obsessively and became interested in the mythology of that legendary record’s creation. Fantastic stories of vision quests and endless stream of consciousness recording sessions. Simultaneously, they’d recently watched a documentary about Appalachian Blues Music, in which during an interview with an old blues guitarist, this very old woman describes what it was like when the train was introduced to her town.

Like the logic of a dream, these seemingly disparate things came together as Ron would add pieces, Dan would add others, and Mike (of Classixx) contributed some guitar “splashes.”

The recording and mixing sessions came fast and furious, but without any of the anxiety one would associate with something fast and furious. It simply came into being with the relative ease of the sound it evokes.  Ron said, “Once the process began, it was done in less than a week. The music paints a picture in your head.”  Their job was to translate it.

Luckily, Dan and Ron have that rare level of connection where they trust each other’s judgment implicitly and are of one mind. This is beneficial as it also makes it possible for Cosmic Kids to actually be in two places at once. Dan is currently in London, spinning disco/house and representing the Cosmic Kids vision in clubs like Fabric, while Ron will be spinning an ambient set at a ‘Sup Magazine event in the desert  this weekend.

Freight to My Soul (Original) by CosmicKids

The new track, “Freight to My Soul” will be released on 12″ only (for the time being) on Chit Chat and will be available for sale during their forthcoming Endless Summer tour with Classixx, RAC & Jerome LOL.

(Idea behind this tour being that although the fall is here, these kids are “bringing the summer to you.” How very LA.)

The tour kicks off in Costa Mesa on Nov.8th. And KCRW will be Presenting the second night of the tour at Lure as part of the Private Label events hosted by DJ Themjeans.