A Reading of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven By DJ Eric J Lawrence

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A couple of years ago, I attended KCRW’s Masquerade dressed as Edgar Allan Poe, complete with a fake raven.

Since the party features, in addition to all the great live music & DJ sets, a spooky storytelling room coordinated by the experts from The Moth, I thought it might be fun to participate by reading Poe’s classic poem, “The Raven,” in character.

The Moth folks graciously agreed & even invited me back the next year to do the same.

This year I’ll be back, but reading something different, so I thought it might be fun to record my “Raven” reading for posterity (especially since I practiced it dozens of times!)  One of our engineers, Mario Diaz, added a little production to it, so I hope it adds a little eerieness to your Halloween season.

See you at Masquerade!


“The Raven” – As read by Eric J Lawrence