Aimee Mann is Quite a Charmer

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I love Aimee Mann for so many reasons. Her music is, obviously, fantastic and she keeps putting out great albums. She’s also very, very funny. Her appearance on “Portlandia was hilarious and now the video for her track “Labrador:”…well, just watch:

(watch the original “Voices Carry” here)

I also really love the power pop of “Charmer”, the title track off her new album, which is getting a lot of KCRW love.

Aimee Mann – Charmer by Prescription PR

The CD is out today and she’ll be playing a show at the Wilshire Ebell Theater on October 13.


p.s. I like to mention that her 2008 album”@#%&*! Smilers deserved far more attention than it got, in case you missed it.