Album Preview: !!! (Chk ChkChk) “Strange Weather, Isn’t It?”

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!!!jpgFrom KCRW DJ Eric J Lawrence:

You can argue about whether !!! (pronounced as “chk chk chk”) is a good band name or not, but the success of their dance-punk vibe is unimpeachable.  For over a decade, this unique musical collective have been bringing a driving rock beat to dance-floors everywhere, from their formative years in Sacramento, California to the bright lights of New York City.

For their 4th full-length album, Strange Weather, Isn’t It?, they recorded in Berlin as well, just to add another geographical backdrop to their sound, as David Bowie, Iggy Pop & Depeche Mode have previously sought themselves in the German capitol.  There is something about the place that adds a cool edge to artists soaking up the city’s energy, and !!!’s latest is no exception.

Strange Weather, Isn’t It? makes for nine tracks of scintillating grooves, such as the hit single, “AM/FM.”  The album’s lean and mean jams are well suited for either pumping from monstrous sound-systems at the clubs or throbbing your MP3-player’s earbuds while you’re on the move.

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Strange Weather, Isn’t It? Track listing:

1. AM/FM

2. The Most Certain Sure

3. Wannagain Wannagain

4. Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass

5. Steady As The Sidewalk Cracks

6. Hollow

7. Jump Back

8. Even Judas Gave Jesus A Kiss

9. The Hammer