Album Preview: “Corridos Urbanos” from Clorofila of Nortec Collective

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ClorofilaCorridos Urbanos is the long-awaited solo album from Nortec Collective’s Clorofila. Clorofila is the stage name for Jorge Verdin, known for both his musical and graphic design contributions to Nortec.  On the new album, Verdin collaborated with a variety of Tijuana-based tambora and norteño musicians on tuba, accordion, clarinet, and horn parts and even includes guest vocals from David J (Bauhaus). Although the album is primarily instrumental, there are several tracks with vocals.

Nostalgia is a huge theme running  throughout the album as Jorge focuses on his childhood — ranging from the shop where he bought his first 45‘s (“Discoteca Nacional”) to a now defunct AM station that specialized in Norteño music.  The album is available now streaming in its entirety until May 4, 2010.

(and check out the cool cover art!)