Album Preview: Dinner “New Work”

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Danish singer/songwriter Anders Rhedin is a fascinating figure. He first came onto my radar last year as I happened to be one of the DJs at one of his gigs. My friend that put the show together briefed me on his back story. He’s super into the metaphysical; yoga, meditation, hypnosis, etc. He began his set on the ground in a meditative state. Not having heard any of his music at this point, I was expecting him to deliver a set that would be immersive, lowkey, and contemplative. What was actually delivered was something else entirely. It was definitely immersive, but also highly energetic and dynamic. The songs were all absolute synth pop gems. I immediately fell in love.

Rhedin will release his second full length album as Dinner next Friday (via Captured Tracks). This follows last year’s debut Psychic Lovers and three prior EPs that he began releasing in 2012 after his stint with Choir of Young Believers. New Work is one of those album titles that can register as either cheeky or profound, and in this case is very likely a healthy mix of both. Rhedin has commented that much of this album was inspired by William Blake’s Proverbs of Hell, and “the transcending aspects of excess.” He’s described in detail the similarities he’s found between music and hypnosis, referring to songs as “audio spells.” Of course, there’s also video of Rhedin wryly waxing poetic about having to incorporate the farts of Mac DeMarco and his bandmates into his daily meditation breathing ritual when they were on tour together (highly suggest a viewing).

Beyond the intriguing spiritual details though, New Work offers us 10 new immersive/dynamic tracks from an artist who excels at making them. We’re incredibly lucky to have it.