Album Preview: Hercules & Love Affair “Omnion”

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Anyone who’s engaged disco with the same depth and seriousness that Hercules & Love Affair ringmaster Andrew Butler has, knows that by its nature and at its finest, this is a music of balances made in the spirit of losing one’s balance. And among disco’s glories is how these contrasting fundamentals play out: the celebratory and the elegiac, the social politics and personal emotions, pop songwriting and club functionality, the traditionally soulful and the technologically modern.

Since the beginning, Hercules & Love Affair records have not simply acknowledged these contradictory elements but aspired to find meaning in them. Where so much contemporary disco is an exercise in genre or affectation – or worse, nostalgia for a utopia that never was – Butler permeates his with more broadly accepted currency. Though it unabashedly began as a classicist’s pop-house take on the contemporary dance-floor, and is still rooted in this world, H&LA music navigates the pathos of today’s life through a panoply of voices and ideas representative of the gender-nonconforming diversity of Butler’s community, tweaking and updating the norms throughout.