Album Preview: Marina & the Diamonds “The Family Jewels”

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marina diamondsFrom DJ and Music Librarian Eric J Lawrence:

Florence might have her Machine and Fitz might throw Tantrums, but this week the KCRW Album Preview brings the bling with an advance listen of the debut full-length gem from Marina and the Diamonds, “The Family Jewels.”  Essentially the product of one Marina Diamandis (with judicious assistance from folks like Greg Kurstin of The Bird & the Bee fame), this startlingly confident musical introduction shines brightly.

Her Welsh/Greek background might suggest a tendency towards diversity, which this record surely has, with multi-faceted songs ranging from intimate bedroom pop to full-on glossy productions.

Echoes of Kate Bush, PJ Harvey and David Bowie can be heard in standout tracks like “I Am Not a Robot” and “Shampain.”  The record has already hit the Top 10 in the UK and Greece, and now, with an upcoming domestic release, we can all bask in the sparkling glow of Marina & the Diamonds.  Have a listen and let us know what you think. It will be up until June 15!