Alpine: Artist You Should Know

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The Aussies have truly mastered the art of great pop songs. This weekend I threw on an album from a band called Alpine. I knew absolutely nothing about them, but sweet as honey vocals from frontwomen Phoebe Baker and Lou James, hypnotic rhythms and catchy beats made me an immediate fan.

When I got halfway through the album, I discovered my favorite gem yet, “Seeing Red”, a sexy little number that I listened to at least three times in a row before discovering that the song that followed it, “Gasoline”, was just as good. That’s when I knew this album was a winner.

Alpine – Seeing Red by Ivy League Records

A Is For Alpine” is their debut album and was released in their native Australia last year, with a U.S. release planned for May on Votiv.

The Melbourne-based sextet (including Christian O’Brien on guitar, Ryan Lamb on bass, Tim Royall on keys and Phil Tucker on drums) will be making their way to the States in March, including shows at School Night on March 4 and at the Bootleg on March 5!  They’ll also be at SXSW if you’re headed that way. Can’t wait to check them out live.


Editor’s Note: Raul Campos has been spinning this Goldroom remix of their track “Hands”.

Alpine – Hands (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom