Alt-J: Artist You Should Know

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Alt-J is a band you might want to keep your eye on.  (Having a drummer that uses a saucepan instead of a cymbal is another reason on said list.)

Their full length debut, “An Awesome Wave” is something to be experienced.  From track to track, no two songs on the album have the same feel.

Some elements that have an almost cosmic feel to them.  Other parts have bass drones drop to pepper in some gravity to their sound.  All of this matched with vocals that could easily go from a classic indie rock sound to something straight out of a Bollywood film.

Calling them “electronic” would not only sell them short, but wouldn’t prove particularly accurate.

Need I bring up the whole saucepan-as-symbol thing again?  That’s as far from “electronic” as you can get.

Listen to their single “Fitzpleasure” and see if it doesn’t get you moving.

Fitzpleasure by alt-J

They’ll be in Los Angeles at The Echo on August 1st.  Get tickets here.