AlunaGeorge: Artist You Should Know

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I’m from Miami, FL, so it’s safe to say bass is in my blood.

As mainstream hip hop is not really my thing for the most part, I’ve been excited to hear it integrated into pop music lately, AlunaGeorge’s “Your Drums, Your Love” being a perfect example. (And Jessie Ware’s “110%” being another)

We’ve been spinning various tracks from the London singer since early in the year and she is finally preparing for the release of her full length debut, “Body Music”, on Vagrant Records on July 30.

It’s a collaboration with producer George Reid and they describe it perfectly as a marriage between “the boom of British bass culture” and “the sweet slickness of classic American R&B”.

On top of the viral success of a few songs from the album (“You Know You Like It”, “Attracting Flies) Aluna was also featured on the Disclosure track “White Noise”, which was a #2 single in the UK.

She’s hitting the US in Fall, including dates in NYC, SF and at the El Rey here in LA on September 12!