Anna Waronker: Local Artist We Love

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From KCRW DJ Anne Litt –

Anna WaronkerpublicityI didn’t set out to be the “chick record” reviewer at KCRW but somehow the records that have touched me the most lately have been the Sharon Van Etten’s, the Anna Calvi’s and the Anna Waronker’s of the world.

It may be because of their messages; these women have something important to say right now.

Anna’s album is at times playful, wistful, revelatory, and powerful.

Stream “California Fade”

It’s quiet and loud and is her first album in close to 10 years.  She’s been busy.  She’s a playwright, a parent and is composing for film and TV.  Now, the former That Dog frontwoman has made a really personal record.

To me, it’s about her vulnerability as a woman and a mother.  I also love the production – the strings, the harmonies – it’s spare and luxurious at the same time.

Although Anna has done the songwriting and production herself, guests include her husband – Redd Kross bassist – Steve MacDonald as well as brother and drummer, Joey Waronker, Pat Smear, Smokey Hormel, and Tanya Haden among others.

–Anne Litt