Artist You Should Know: Cannons

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Cannons a few months back through a casual FB message: “Hey, have you heard Cannons?”

Since I hadn’t, my friend email me a link to the trio’s SoundCloud page where I was literally ambushed with the seductive sounds of Evening Star“.

I was hooked instantly.

I love my daytime disco vibes – a lazy 4X4, some lush female vox and a good melody is really all a track needs to spark my initial interest.

But, the level of craft and finesse put into these building blocks determine if I will like it, or love it… And when it comes to Evening Star“, Cannons masters each and every element with such style and elegance.

Michelle’s whimsy vocals are some of the most beautiful I’ve heard in a long time and I’ve been playing this song in every possible setting since that day!

There is a lot of crossover potential for a band whose song is equally loved by both the hard-wired music geeks, my mom, and everyone else in-between.

I’m excited to share the stage with them this Thursday, June 4th at a pop-up venue called Vega’s Meat Market, by Fine Time Presents @ 1830 Echo Park Avenue in Echo Park.

The line-up will also feature Pr0files and Harriet Brown.

See you there!