Artist You Should Know: Maps & Atlases

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maps and atlasesFrom KCRW DJ Chuck P:

I’m a little late to the game with Maps & Atlases.  The Chicago-based group have been around since the mid 00’s, but I didn’t start paying close attention until I received their debut full length album, Perch Patchwork, on Barsuk records.  Imagine TV On The Radio covering Tom Waits, and you’re close.  What rings immediate are Dave Davidson’s vocals.  Sultry and soulful without sounding contrived, especially on the song, “Solid Ground.”

Maps & Atlases – Solid Ground

While artists like Dirty Projectors and Jamie Lidell do a great job reviving this type of neo-soul, Maps & Atlases add a progressive twist to their music that sets them apart.  Oddly, this is their first full length CD in the 6 years they’ve been together, but they do have a couple of EP’s that I have to go back and find.

There is always a ton of great indie rock/pop being made all the time, but singular artists like Maps & Atlases are hard to come by nowadays.  Pay attention now.

Chuck P

perch patchwork