Artist You Should Know: Sharon Van Etten

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From KCRW DJ Anne Litt:

Sharon Van Etten has made one of the most raw, honest records I have heard in awhile.  There is something confessional, real and hardworking about her.  Her band is tight.  This album, Epic, is the first time I’ve actually heard her music.  I have heard that her earlier records are super-sweet and mellifluous.  This one isn’t.  Not sure why.  Maybe it’s just that she’s grown up, moved to New York, worked hard and worked smart.

The first song I ever heard was “Peace Signs.”  It’s a powerful song in which she sings that she “is not afraid” and I believe her.  She’s not kidding around.  She’s been through the ringer and is coming out on the other side.  Is that her real story?  I don’t know, but her assertiveness is a lesson that, as a woman, I am still learning.

There is a song called “Don’t Do It” that is my new addiction.  “Love More” is loved and often covered by Bon Iver in concert.

Stream “Don’t Do It”:

Check her out.  You will be surprised.  This wasn’t a “first listen” record, but it’s now become and “over and over” listen and lesson for me.

Anne Litt