Artist You Should Know: The Gloomies

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San Diego-based band the Gloomies piqued the interest of renowned music magazine NME last year on the strength of their debut single, “LSD,” weeks before it was officially released and mere months after they became a band at all. As far as origin stories go, that’s a pretty darn good one.

They’ve now released an EP called Blackout, and it’s remarkable how a band this relatively new have arrived upon such an assured sound. The EP takes the blissed out, psychedelic, surf-y energy of “LSD,”and builds upon it to create five new songs that feel worn in in the best possible way. There’s a feeling of effortlessness to these tracks that belies their intricacy. The result is pure indie guitar pop exhilaration.

The Gloomies’ Blackout EP is available now via Thrill Me Records. Catch the Gloomies live on Saturday June 4th at The Resident (DTLA), and/or Monday June 27th at the Bootleg Theater.