Asa: Artist You Should Know

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Every time KCRW has a pledge drive, there is always one song that I become obsessed with. Usually one that raises my spirits when maybe the phone aren’t ringing as often as we’d like. This summer, that song is “Why Can’t We” by Asa.

It’s just a burst of positive energy. I love the beginning – a little acoustic guitar, a simple drum beat and then her gorgeous voice. As she says – life is short, so why can’t we be happy? And then there are the ooh oooohs and horns in the chorus– gets me every time.

Asa – Why Can’t We by asaofficial

The video just makes me like the song more! It features Asa at dance party that’s full of ’50s technicolor rooms, pink and blue balloons and a whole lot of getting’ down.

The Nigerian singer’s entire sophomore album, “Beautiful Imperfection”, is soulful and uplifting. It will be out here in the U.S. on September 6 through Naïve Records.

And below is a reminder of the song that all the KCRW folks fell for off Asa’s debut.


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