Balkan Beat Box: Artist You Should Know

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From KCRW DJ Chuck P:

This Mediterranean influenced group (that revolves around the trio of Tomer Yosef, Ori Kaplan & Tamir Muskat) have a unique sound… and story.

First, the music. Including elements of klezmer and hip hop, funk and dub, brass band and arabic melodies, their originality is undeniable. Consistently high energy and fun, they have evolved over the course of their four albums, but the mission has not.

This is the type of music to throw on when you want adventurous, easy to listen to tunes that shake the butt. The world music tag is both appropriate and insufficient for BBB, since their scope covers not only sounds from disparate parts of the globe, but styles as well. Not what you would expect, unless you take a close look at who’s involved.

Saxophonist Kaplan originally came to the US to play jazz, and ended up with Gypsy Punks Gogol Bordello, which is where he met percussionist Muskat, who was performing with Firewater and producing music as well. Soon they added frontman Yosef, and the kinetic combo was complete.

This year have delivered their best album to date, “Give”. Inspired by last years social protests around the world, from Arab Spring to Occupy NY, the triple B explain that the new album is about “the dissatisfaction with the social economic and political systems which govern our lives and set the tone for what kind of world our children will live in. It’s about our support to the various movements and resolutions taking place in the world, and the fight against corporate greed that has gripped our society and paralyzed or bought off our leaders.” Heady stuff disguised as serious party music. I’m into it.

Listen to “Part Of The Glory”

All three members had become fathers prior to recording the new album and it influenced their direction. Tomer explains, “When you have kids, you become a little more aware of what’s happening in the world and what kind of world that we’re leaving to them.”

Be part of the party at The Roxy when Balkan Beat Box destroy the famed West Hollywood stage this Friday.

Chuck P.