Beachwood Sparks: Local Band We Love

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From KCRW DJ Valida:

I was introduced to Beachwood Sparks’ Farmer Dave by a mutual friend via email in November 2010. He thought Dave would be a good addition to my Desert Nights live music series at The Standard Hollywood.

He was right. We had some sound issues and rather than to fiddle with the amps in perpetuity (which is what I’ve seen some acts do), Farmer Dave opted for a bona fide acoustic show. He directed the entire room into a crescent shape and played an intimate set, campfire style, with “random friends” joining in.

Well, I soon learned that those “random friends” were other members of Dave’s band, Beachwood Sparks. I spent some time researching the music and the West Coast surf-culture backdrop which shaped the über-chill attitudes and sound of these fun-lovin’, wave-chasin’, psych-rockin’ cruisers. That night I learned a thing or two about the history of LA surf music scene and ultimately of the band’s worldwide cult following.

(I also heard their lovely rendition of Sade’s “By Your Side” which made it on the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World soundtrack)

When Farmer Dave told me that the Sparks were back in the studio and recording their first album in 11 years I was psyched (pun intended). I can only imagine how excited their older fans must be. And now that “The Tarnished Gold (out on Sup Pop next week and streaming at KCRW right now!), is finally in my hand, I predict everyone will agree it’s been well worth the wait! The album is rock solid with 13 beautifully crafted summer classics that simply ooze the hot California beach flavor.

Favorites, if I absolutely had to pick would be “Sparks Fly Again” and “Forget The Song.” Probably best enjoyed on a warm Sunday afternoon, but breezy summer nights will do just fine too. Download “Sparks Fly Again” on their Soundcloud page.

Beachwood Sparks – Sparks Fly Again by subpop

Catch Beachwood Sparks live at The Satellite on June 26.