Behind the Scenes of New Kelis — Jerk Ribs

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A few weeks ago, producer extraordinaire Dave Sitek (who also happens to be a member of a little band called TV on the Radio) sent Jason Bentley the new track from Kelis. Before I heard Jason announce the artist, I was completely in love with the song. It’s super vibey, unexpected, and interesting. I mean, those horns!

I was a bit surprised to see Kelis (the one whose milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard…) was behind it. Then I found out even more — that they had drawn a pro-team of LA musicians into Dave’s studio Federal Prism, including a frequent  visitor to KCRW’s studios Todd Simon, who had arranged the horns and strings.

Todd gives us a little behind the scenes scoop on how it all came about:

Kelis is an amazing chef! She’s a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu, believe it or not. So, one of the first nights we all were working at Federal Prism, Kelis showed up with some freshly cooked Jerk Ribs. They are out of this world! This was the night that she began to track vocals on what is now called “Jerk Ribs”.

Kelis is also an amazing human being. Usually artists like herself, make it through the music industry and end up bitter and negative. But Kelis is full of positivity! She’s definitely one of the guys and has none of the barriers most artists at her stature possess. This all is coming out in the new music we are making.

She’s insisted on the use of live instruments. Dave and I have assembled an incredible band featuring members of RHYE, The Decoders, Ethio Cali, the Beastie Boys, Florence and the Machine, etc. There is a great vibe amongst everybody involved. It’s been a very fun project to be a part of. The album is full of lush horn and string arrangements, African meets Southern Soul rhythms, and rich guitars.”

WOW! Can’t wait to hear more.


P.s. TV on the Radio announced today that they’ve been working on new material in Dave’s LA studio this Spring and will have a new single out on his label Federal Prism soon!