Belleruche Video Premiere: 16 Minutes

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It’s always hard to pinpoint the Belleruche sound.

You really never know what kind of genre the band may delve into. And I mean this in a very good way.  But they never drift far from good soul music and I’m excited to hear new work from this band.

I’m an outspoken fan – so much so they even asked me to create a 49-minute DJ mix blending my favorite tracks from their catalogue around the release of their last album “270 Stories”.

Their fourth album, “Rollerchain”, will be out on June 5 here in the U.S. via Tru Thoughts.

You can stream/download a “mini mix” of the album and watch the video for the second single “16 Minutes” below.

I’m loving the beautiful stop motion of this video. It parallels the sonic beauty of the song.

— AV