Bing Ji Ling: Artist You Should Know

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I’ve been thinking about what I should say about Bing Ji Ling’s new album Shadow to Shine for the past several days.

Over and over again when I asked people why they liked the album, they would smile and simply say that it was really nice and/or easy to listen to. For whatever reason I wanted to say more about Shadow to Shine. I felt like simply saying that it makes people smile or that the warm, happy songs are destined to be on my summer playlists didn’t do it justice.

I reached out to Garth Trinidad to see how he would describe the Bing Ji Ling appeal and he responded saying he appreciates his “easy, joyful approach to soulful pop compositions, and… danceable arrangements.”

After reading Garth’s response and talking to KCRW’s Music Librarian (read Guru), Eric J. Lawrence, I realized that saying a record is pleasant isn’t short changing it. With a lot of the music reviews I read writers often seem most moved to talk about things like musicianship or unique approaches or new sounds. While all of those things could be said about Shadow to Shine I think that the highest compliment I could give is to say these songs, with their funky, retro, throw-back sensibility, make me dance and are just plain fun and easy to listen to. I agree with Eric that there’s something really refreshing (and perhaps more rare today than in years past) about coming across an album that can stand alone as utterly lovely and happy sounding.

You can get your own happy groove on with a free download of Bing Ji Ling’s “Move On” here.

Then, I highly recommend catching Bing Ji Ling here in Southern California this week for DJ Sets and live performances, including tonight’s performance at Silverlake Lounge at 9pm (see other dates below).

Check out this cool video as a preview – Quinn Luke (a.k.a. Bing Ji Ling) explains the creative way that he uses his iPod to help him in live performance.

Monday, April 25 Silverlake Lounge Los Angeles, CA- (live w/full band)
Tuesday, April 26 Mesa 725 Baker St Costa Mesa, CA- (live w/full band)
Wednesday, April 27, Mesa Costa Mesa, CA- (DJ set)
Thursday, April 28 La Cita 336 S Hill St Los Angeles, CA- (DJ set)
Friday, April 29 The Crosby 400 N Broadway Santa Anna, CA- (DJ set)