BIRTHH – “Prelude for the Loveless”

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BIRTHH is the name of Alice Bisi’s musical alter-ego.  The Florence, Italy-based artist has a debut album on the We Will Never Be Boring Collective label due out next week, Friday, March 18, that should establish the project as one to watch.  The album, Born in the Woods, begins with “Prelude for the Loveless,” which succeeds at that somewhat lost art of being a terrific opening track to a full-length record.  It sets the table, but stands on its own as an evocative piece of electro-folk, complete with soulful, mournful vocals in a gospel-like arrangement, earthy percussion touches, and heart-tugging keyboard chords.

In her own words: “This song has always had a special place in my heart. It’s not just a prologue, I feel like it has a world of its own behind it. The main reason why I make music now is to try and make people feel less alone – I think that sometimes humans forget that we all go through similar issues in life, especially when it comes to internal struggles that are not tangible.
With this song, between gospel choirs and claps and snaps, I wanted to tell whoever wants to listen that if they’re not feeling right in a certain situation, if they feel like they are the cause of all the pain people around them are experiencing, they are not the only ones who are going through this, and that no human on the planet should ever feel guilty about how they feel. I know what it feels like to think that happiness isn’t for you and that you’re only made to intoxicate the people you love. This song is for everyone who’s ever felt like this. This song is for the ‘loveless.'”

BIRTHH will be in Austin, TX for this year’s SXSW Festival for a series of performances, including an official showcase at the Townsend Saturday night, March 19, so I expect all of you loveless types (and even those of you full of love) to attend and report back.