5 Songs to Hear This Week: Blonde Redhead, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Jensen Sportag

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Blonde Redhead, contemplating the nature of existence since the mid-90s. Photo by Charles Billot

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Blonde Redhead – "Sit Down For Dinner (Pts. 1 & 2)” 

Music is therapy and your session’s about to begin. This contemplative two-part track and its ripped-from-reality video are a proposed exercise in honoring your feelings about the past while moving through them to whatever new experiences await you in the future. If you’re ready for that, hit play for the latest from longtime dream-gaze leaders Blonde Redhead. The double whammy of a title track to their 2023 LP features signature deep reverb, heady building melodies, and woozy vocals by Kazu Makino. *CW for video: war, violence, accidents.

Gabriel Garzón-Montano – “MARMALADE”

Gabriel Garzón-Montano’s been dropping breadcrumbs through popular music since the mid-2010s — plenty of attention comes from being sampled by Drake. But the Brooklyn singer-multi-instrumentalist has been honing his original sound for years, ultimately landing in the sphere of urban-reggaeton. This thick-like-jelly track and video showcase that stylistic evolution; pledging allegiance to lyrical choices, studio tools and choreo which represent evolved SoundCloud rap while the BPM hints at R&B.

youbet – “Carsick”

Meet youbet, a baby band out of Brooklyn led by Nick Llobet. With a video that looks like it was pulled right out of the heyday of ‘90s MTV (back when it was all music and edgy animation) and a musical style evoking ‘60s campfire sing-alongs stirred into sweetie-pie shoegaze — this one’s a welcome invitation to burrow deep under the covers with someone who makes you feel safe and seen. Like this track and live in NYC? DM Nick for guitar lessons @youbet__ on Instagram.

Jensen Sportag – “Zaeta”

The funk stops here, folks! Nashville-based DJ duo Jensen Sportag have been releasing high-minded, finely-produced electronic grooves for over a decade, but it’s an exercise in restraint. The twosome’s fanbase remain dedicated despite not being given much to munch on since 2013’s Stealth of Days. Maybe that’s why this funk-forward, R&B-vocaled lounge/pool-deck track feels like such a hearty feast. In any case, there’s plenty to celebrate so click play for a super re-playable electronic track that’s the sonic equivalent of a sensual night out you can deploy anytime.

Dina Ögon – “Glitter”

High-shine and low-key, this track’s earned a permanent place on our Sunday morning playlist. Touches of sitar, preternaturally cool vocal delivery, and a steady soul underpinning make it the best-ever single from Swedish band Dina Ögon. The group which began as a duo in the early 2020s are among the latest in a string of Scandinavian bands and artists breathing fabulous new life into ‘60s jazz and soul sounds. We only wish this track were twice as long. Pro-tip: Stay poised over that restart button.