Morning Becomes Eclectic playlist: Apr. 29, 2024

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Welcome to the new week and the feeling that summer is finally here (at least from where we’re sitting in Los Angeles). That mild heat is present throughout this Monday edition of MBE where you’ll hear a somewhat slept-on late 2023 gem from London singer-songwriter Ciara Lea. “FEEL IT” is a dreamy stream of consciousness ode to living with an overactive mind set to a teasingly minimalist backing track. If it doesn’t make you want to stop whatever you’re doing and run directly to the nearest beach then you’re made of stronger stuff than we are. Plus, a deeper dive into Justice’s Hyperdrama and another spin of “Broken Man,” the Leap Day-released St. Vincent single that informed us of her new LP All Born Screaming (out now). P.S. Did you know that St. Vincent will be our guest DJ on Friday, May 3?? It’s true! Set that alarm now.





Anna Chang