Blondfire – “Pleasure”

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Local indie-pop group Blondfire have gone through quite a bit in their short existence.  Formed by siblings Erica & Bruce Driscoll in 2004, the band was originally called Astaire, but they were asked to change their name by the estate of Fred Astaire, and so they are now called Blondfire.  Bruce has since stepped away from full-time duties to focus on his own project, Freedom Fry, although he still contributes to Blondfire.  And after series of label comings & goings, they are now recording for WAX LTD with Erica as the main force behind the band.  But despite all the turmoil, Blondfire are just hitting their stride, and are about to release their new True Confessions EP, featuring the track, “Pleasure,” for which we are happy to be premiering the video.

A kaleidoscope of colors, the video was made by Erica through a series of quick, psychedelic shots she put together on her iPad of a local carnival and of her own charismatic self, extolling the virtues of, well, pleasure!  She says, “The effects I was able to create using that one device were pretty impressive.  So I just kept shooting these strange little voyeuristic clips and applying crazy effects using various apps.  It actually took me a while to get enough footage together for the entire song.  Every couple of days, I would try to think of what else I could do or shoot or wear.”  It certainly catches one’s attention and serves as a perfect backdrop for the sexy, fun vibe of the song.

The True Confessions EP will be released on WAX LTD on Friday, March 11.