Blur! New Blur! A Melancholic Swan Song

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their LAST show (as part of the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics,) early yesterday morning at 11:15am PST, 19:15pm BST, a live feed came through on Blur’s website of the reunited band standing live on the roof of a building under grey summer skies as traffic flew by on the speedway in the background. Without introduction they launched into a pair of brand new singles.

It was exhilarating to watch the ol’ boys Graham, Damon, Alex, and Dave at it together again.

First, was “Under the Westway” which is as melancholic and epic a swan song as one would expect from a group of talented lads doing their “Let It Be” rooftop best in the rain. The second track, “The Puritan” is a wobbly dub exercise that is as cacophonous as it is tight.

You can watch the live performance by clicking on the website link in their name.  (*This is HIGHLY SUGGESTED.)

But, if you’d like to forgo that and just go straight to hearing brand new Blur, the Youtube (with lyrics) for “The Puritan” check it out below.