Buscabulla on Morning Becomes Eclectic

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This past Monday morning, NY based band (with Puerto Rican roots), Buscabulla stopped by the studio to perform on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Raul Campos hosted the young band, as they delivered their signature ‘baby making’ music on this excellent in-studio session. Check out their track Tartaro from the performance .

After the session, I got a chance to ask Raquel and Luis a couple of questions prior to their big show that evening at the Echoplex:

Pan Caliente: You guys speak English very well. Was making music in Spanish a conscious choice?

Raquel: Yes. We felt there was no music in Spanish that was being made for us. So we decided to sing in Spanish. This is the type of music we like and we couldn’t find it in Spanish.

Pan Caliente: Titán is one of my favorite songs on the new EP, who is it about?

Luis: Well you should ask Raquel because she dreamt it up.

Raquel: It is about the way a little girl would look at her dad. More specifically how our daughter looks and thinks of Luis. While at the same time exaggerating her perspective, and making it this larger than life persona.

Pan Caliente: The track Frio, is obviously a reference to the harsh winters in NY, now that you’ve lived there for some time, do they get easier?

Raquel: That song features Helado Negro, and he’s been there longer than us, so he adds that calm to the end of the song, which tells you it does get better.

Luis: But so far, it’s still tough to deal with winter. Especially since when I first moved to NY, it was one of the worst blizzards they had had in a while. So there’s always that expectation that it will be really bad.

Buscabulla performed that night at the Echoplex to a sold out crowd, and owned the moment! Keep your eye on this rising band.

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(photos c/o: Cascade Wilhelm)