Bwana: Love From London

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(Love From London is an ongoing series where correspondents Alex Kenning and Izzy Lawrence introduce us to bands generating excitement across the pond.)

Bwana is a talented young producer making tunes that represent (but are not exclusive to) a UK sound right now.

He hails from Canada and after spending some time in London, he got picked up by one of the capital city’s forward thinking labels, Somethinksounds.

Baby, Let Me Finish(Somethinksounds) by Bwana

There’s a real maturity to his sound, and a similarity in style to a variety of other producers. But this one stands out to me with the tight production and vocals chops.

It’s then great to find out that Bwana is just 21 years old. The future, it would seem, is bright for Bwana.

— Alex Kenning